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Fennel soup
This recipe reprinted with kind permission from The Santesson Recipe Collection...


Fennel soup

Already during Pharaonic time fennel was well known for its
medical properties, including its use as an aphrodisiac as well as a laxative. All parts of the plant can be used, including the bulb, the leaves and the seeds.


500 grams of fennel bulb
200 ml dry white wine
100 grams smoked chicken breasts or shrimps
chicken bouillon cube
125 ml creme fraiche
2 tbsp ouzo or Pernod
200 ml water

Proceed as follows:

1.Trim the fennel stalks down to the bulb, Peel off any wilted outer layer. Set the fine fennel leaves aside after having cut them with a scissor into small pieces.

2.Cut the fennel bulb in small pieces and boil them together with dry white wine, water and a chicken bouillon cube for 8-10 minutes in the microwave oven at full power.

3.Transfer the fennel and the liquid to a food processor, purée and let it cool.

4.Cut the boneless, skinless chicken breasts (if possible smoked) into thin slices and add to the purée. If you are using shrimps instead of chicken, proceed straight to the following step.

5.Microwave on high for four minutes. If you are using shrimps, add them. Microwave for another minute.

6.Add the crème fraiche (sour cream) and two tablespoons of ouzo, pernod or a similar licorice/aniseed type apéritif. Stir well.

7.Add some of the finely cut fennel leaves on top of the soup.

Serve immediately together with, e.g. toast. Add more of the finely cut fennel leaves on top of each plate. The combination of two powerful aphrodisiacs (fennel and licorice or aniseed) might lead to pleasant surprises, but should be handled with care.

Shopping List:

Grocery, Dairy sour cream
Grocery, Meat chicken, boneless, skinless
Grocery, Misc bouillon cubes
  wine (white)
Grocery, Vegies fennel bulb
special Ouzo or Pernod