How to buy Stock List

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In order to use "Stock List" beyond the 50 use trial period, you must buy it from WaverlyStreet. It only costs $29.00 US! When you buy, we will generate for you a matching Registration Name and Registration Key, which you will then enter into the appropriate boxes under Help, Enter Registration Key. Once registered, all program functions are restored.
To buy, use one of the following two methods:
1) If you wish to use a credit card, and have internet access you may purchase on line right now:
Click here to order on line!
2) If you wish to use surface mail, send a check, money order, or cash (US  funds only please) for the correct amount to WaverlyStreet Software, 277 W. Brighton Road, Columbus Ohio 43202, United States. Be sure to include a return address (either surface or email) so we can send you your registration code!
Surface Mail Order Form: (please print clearly)
Total enclosed: $29.00 USD
COMPANY: ______________________________
Mail to: WaverlyStreet Software, 277 W. Brighton Road, Columbus, Ohio 43202 (US)
Thanks for your support!