Importing Data From Other Sources

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Stock List can import any list of items that you can display in a spreadsheet program (such as Microsoft Excel). Simply arrange the columns in the correct order (in the spreadsheet) and export a .CSV or tab-delimited text file. Stock List can then read in the data and put it in the correct format for our Purchase Order and/or Proposal / Invoice programs.
Step by step instructions:
1) In your spreadsheet program (Microsoft Excel for example), arrange the data in the six (or seven) columns shown below, and in the order shown below.
Category | Vendor | Unit (of measure) | Part Number | Description | Unit Cost | Quant. On Hand (optional)
2) Select (in the spreadsheet) menu item File, Save As and pick either ".CSV (Comma Delimited)" or "Text (Tab Delimited)" for the "Save as type:" value. Give a file name, click the "Save" button, and quit the spreadsheet program.
3) Start Stock List, and select "File, Import .CSV or tab delimited format". On the import form, click the correct button (.CSV or Tab Delimited) and find that file you just created. Stock List will import the data and display if for checking.
4) If the data looks good, you can either incorporate it directly into the data Stock List is currently using with the Merge w/ Stock List button, or save it as a separate .SID format file with the Export SID button.