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The Configuration form can be accessed either through the main screen menu item File, Configuration, or from the printing form.


Web Page Appearance
If you wish to change from the default font, "Arial", click the [...] button and select another. Note that not all fonts print the same way as they display in the viewer!
Your company information is shown in the upper right corner of all lists. You may also select a graphic file to be displayed on the left.  If you use a graphic, make sure it does not exceed roughly 300 wide x 100 tall.
Use "On Hand" column in stock items listing
This optional feature adds another column in the Stock Items list which you may use to keep track of how many of each item you have on-hand. It's entirely manual - right-click on any item to adjust the quantity.
Printer "Fit" Adjustments
Stock List creates .html documents (web pages, essentially) and displays them in a scaled-back web browser for preview and printing. If your printed output does not look like you want it too, these three adjustments may be helpful. Each is changed by clicking the [+] or [-] buttons, or returned to the default setting with the little "default" button.
"Over-all width of form" adjusts just that - over-all width. The default is 640, which works well with most printers set at their default margin widths.
If you have called the configuration form from the Preview / Print form, then the "Rewrite" button will be enabled. Click it, and the list will be re-displayed immediately so that you can check it's appearance, printing characteristics, etc.
The final items on the Configuration form are the Data Directory selections. There are spaces for both Purchase Order and Proposal/Invoice directories. Click the [...] buttons to select. Click the small button to the right of [...] to automatically select the default, local directory.  Stock List is designed as a multi-user application. Select the same shared folder for all users, and everyone will have access to the same data.