The "Auto Mail" Utility

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ShareCon includes a simple utility ("Auto Mail") for sending the same e-mail message to multiple recipients. It sends each piece at a variable time interval of as little as 5 seconds apart. The utility can be minimized while it works so that you can do other things while it sends your e-mail for you.


To use it, select the people who you wish to e-mail using the normal keyword and/or word search features of ShareCon, then select the menu item File, Auto Mail Utility. The program will create an internal list of all the e-mail addresses contained in the displayed records, then display the Auto Mail form:




The first time you use Auto Mail, select (on the Auto Mail form) File, Mail server configuration. You need to provide an SMTP server name, user name, and password that will work with your internet service provider. These are the same bits of information you have previously entered into your e-mail program for the outgoing mail configuration. Test the settings by saving them, entering in a single "To:" address, "From:" address, subject, and message body text, and clicking the Test button. If all is well, you will soon get a message from the program that the test was successfully sent, and that you should check the e-mail for the test recipient (use your own address for testing so that you can check it).


Also use the Test function to check the formatting & etc. of each message you plan to send, to make sure it looks like you want. The From:, Subject: and message body fields are all saved between Auto Mail / ShareCon sessions.


WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before using Auto Mail to send to a group, please heed the following:


Sending unsolicited bulk e-mail (which is commonly called "Spam") is almost certainly frowned upon by your ISP, and in some circumstances doing so can get your account terminated. Read and understand your ISP's policy on this before sending! WaverlyStreet Software shall not be held responsible for any trouble you may get into through the use of Auto Mail.


Mail Send Settings: Auto Mail has features to help you conform to your ISP's mail sending policies.


First, the Minimum and Maximum interval settings control how often each piece is sent out. For example, if the minimum is set to 30 seconds and the maximum set to 90 seconds, then there will be a pause between each piece, for a random number of seconds between 30 and 90. The variable, random interval may make it less likely that the activity will attract attention (but there is no guarantee that it will).


Second, the "Pause after sending" setting stops the process after x number of pieces have been sent. This is useful if, for instance,  your ISP has a fixed rule on the number of e-mails you are allowed to send per hour.


Also, you can at any time click the Pause button and stop the process. You can even close the Auto Mail utility and ShareCon and then come back to it later and take off from where you were.


Auto Mail's configuration settings, saved message text, and recipient list are all stored locally on each machine running ShareCon, and thus network users can use the utility independent of one another.