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Throughout this document we have referred to "settings" or "configuration". To view these options, select File, Configuration, General Settings. Here are the details:



Modem Comm Port. This must be set to correspond to the port your modem is connected to, in order for the phone dialing functions to work. If you don't know the port, click Windows Start, Settings, Control Panel,  then double-click Modems. Pick your modem, then click Properties. Among other things, the comm port should be shown. Back out of the Control Panel without changing anything, but remember that port number!
Area Code, Long Distance Code, Outside Line Code. These all effect how phone numbers are handled during phone dialing. To suppress dialing your local area code for numbers which have the same code, enter it in the appropriate box. If you wish to have long distance calls use a calling card number or one of those discount services (like "1010321" for example), enter that. Finally, if you are dialing out through a phone system which requires a certain code (PBX code - usually "9") to get an outside line, enter that as well.
Word Processor, Web Browser, Email Program. These optional settings allow you to specify different third-party programs to be called by ShareCon's various "Make Contact" and editing functions. Normally your computer will run certain programs whenever specific types of files are asked to be opened. For example, if you double-click on a .DOC file in the Windows Explorer, Microsoft Wordpad or Word will start up, with the file already loaded. Similarly, ShareCon will "call"  another program when you click the Email or Web buttons on the toolbar. If you are already satisfied with the way ShareCon does this, then leave these fields blank. If not, then click on the little question mark next to the field and go find the alternate program you wish to use. Note: some email programs may require additional "switches" to be added after the executable file's name. Here are some popular ones - For Eudora, add a space, and then "mailto:" (without the quotes). For example: C:\Program Files\Qualcomm\Eudora\Eudora.exe mailto:  For Outlook or Outlook Express, add a space, then "/mailurl:mailto:" (without the quotes). For example: "C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msimn.exe /mailurl:mailto:" For Pegasus, add a space, then "-t ," (without the quotes). For example: "C:\PMAIL\winpm-32.exe -t ,". If your secondary mail program is not one of these, there may be information available on the web for it's command line operation. It is beyond the scope of this document to provide these for all! (The best alternative is to use your default mail program and leave the configuration form blank.)


Return Address (for envelope printing).


Before Name: Phrase to be inserted before the person's name when addresses are put together (envelopes, etc.). Defaults to "Attn:".

Put Names in Email. This sets whether or not to include the actual name in an email address. For example this address has the name included: Dave Gjessing <>, but this one does not: Some email programs don't seem to be able to handle the literal address properly from the command line, so this option allows you to change the format. This effects both the Email button and the format of addresses in Print Preview, Email Addresses.
Skip Most "Confirm?" Dialogs. Once you are familiar with ShareCon, check this to eliminate several confirmation dialogs (and speed things up).
Remind me to Merge on Exit. This is for laptop users who sometimes are connected to an office network, and sometimes aren't. Check this to make ShareCon remind you to merge your local data with the network data when you close the program. (Only if you are working in the network data folder when you close.)
Show names Last, First. If checked, records classified as "individual" (public or private) will have the last name first, then the first name, separated by a comma. If not checked they will display as first name last name, with no comma.
Adjust Phone Numbers to US Stds. If checked, a "1" is added, and your local area code is not included when ShareCon dials a phone number.
Path #1, Path #2. These refer to the two built-in "alternate" data paths. When these fields are filled in, they can be quickly selected from the menu, without having to go through the manual selection process. Use the [...] button to select a folder for each.
If you want ShareCon to start up in one of the two alternate paths, select the path, then click the appropriate radio button. Note that this change will not apply until you have re-started the program. If the alternate path is not available upon start-up, ShareCon will switch to your local default path (and tell you so).
Other configuration settings:
Switch between bold and regular fonts. Select File, Configuration, Use Bold Fonts to toggle bold/regular in ShareCon's interface.
Select Colors. Select File, Configuration, Select Colors for options.