The FTP Utility

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ShareCon includes a handy built-in FTP utility which makes it easy to upload your lists to a web site.
Access it by selecting Make Lists, FTP Utility.


The first step is to type in your website server address, username, and password in the three spaces provided. Your web host will have provided this information. Also provide a name for this connection in the drop-down box. Click the save button. To connect to the site, click on the connect button, and confirm that you do indeed connect properly. If not, make sure you have entered all the login information correctly and try again. (Note that these items are usually case-sensitive.) These setting are preserved between sessions, and you may set up as many connections as you need.
Once connected, use the Remote Host file selection list to go into the remote directory where you wish to host your work. (Note - when you first enter an EMPTY folder, it can take quite a while for the list operation to complete - just be patient and wait for the hourglass mouse cursor to go away!)
Select files to send in the Local Host list, and click the Send all or Send only newer buttons. The Send all button sends all files you have selected in the Local Host list. The Send only newer button sends only selected files which either do not exist at all on the remote host, or which have been modified since the last time you used the FTP utility. This can really speed things up when all you have changed is text or "style" elements, because the graphic files themselves won't be sent over again.
You may also use the Local filter buttons to make it easier to find certain files to send. (When the FTP utility first loads, "Both" is selected.)
When the send operation is complete, click the Disconnect button and then close the FTP form.