Different Data Sets

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By default, ShareCon keeps its data files locally, under "Documents and Settings\[your name]\Application Data\WaverlyStreet\ShareCon5\". If you wish to have multiple data sets, proceed as follows:
Select the menu item File, Select a Data Path, and use the file/folder/drive selectors to reach the spot you want. Click Select when you are there. Note that the box in the bottom right corner of the ShareCon screen will show this new path. As long as this folder (path) is selected, ShareCon will use it for all operations; you can have a completely separate set of records here.
To return to the default set, use menu item File, Use The Default Data Set. Whenever the program starts up, the default set will be accessed (unless you select an alternate start up folder in configuration).
If you wish to be able to bypass the selection process on a particular alternate data set, go into configuration and set the path to either Alternate Set #1 or #2. From then on you will be able to pick it with the menu item File, Use Alternate Data Set... (Note: the configuration file will allow storing two alternate paths, but you can set up and manually select an unlimited number.)
Network usage: ShareCon may be configured to use a common data folder in an office environment. Simply specify the same "alternate" data folder on each machine and set the program to start up in that folder (see configuration).