Using Keywords

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ShareCon's primary system for categorizing records is through the use of Keywords. The keyword list is accessed through a drop-down list left of the command buttons or by pressing F4.


Keywords are case-sensitive; for example "contractor" and "Contractor" are treated as different. Keywords can be a maximum of 30 characters long.
To add a new keyword to the system simply type it in as you are adding or editing a record. When you save the record, any new keywords will be added.
To change or delete a keyword, select it from the drop-down list, and then select Filter, Edit Keyword (CTRL F4). If you change it and click Save, the change will be made on the keyword list, as well as in every record containing the old keyword. Click Delete to remove a keyword. Then elect to either remove it from all the entries too, or doing nothing further. The default is to do nothing; that way, if you later change your mind and add the keyword back in, your records will still have it. It won't hurt anything to have "orphan" keywords in some of your records.
Choose keywords carefully. If working in a group of people, it might be a good idea for the group to discuss what keywords to use, before you get too far into entering data. Don't make your keywords overly specific, and don't use so many of them that browsing the keywords list is confusing. Use a hierarchical system - in a large group of related records, make the first keyword a broad one, the second more specific, and the third even more specific.
If working in a group, have one person set up an initial data file with the agreed-upon keywords structure, then have the other users merge that in and go from there with their own records. The other users will be much more likely to stick with the group keyword structure if it is already set up for them, and subsequent merging of records will be much more efficient if everyone is using the same general structure.