Making Contact

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Once you have put together a collection of contact information, you will want to use it! ShareCon incorporates three quick-connection buttons, Phone (F7), Email (F8), and Web (F9).
Phone (F7) utilizes your modem to initiate calls. If you have a telephone connected in series with your modem, have the modem dial the number, then pick up the phone and click OK (or press enter). This takes the modem out of the loop, and you are left with a normal voice connection. You will need to provide several pieces of information in configuration to make this work. Note that you can also dial the FAX, mobile, and pager numbers as well, but you have to select those options from the menu item Make Contact, or by right-clicking on the record.
Email (F8) starts your email client with the address loaded, on a new message composition screen. You have the opportunity to select additional recipients, Cc, Bcc prior to starting the email program.
Web (F9) starts your web browser with the URL loaded, and goes directly to the site.