Finding Things

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Having all your contact information stored on your computer won't do much good unless you can find things easily! ShareCon incorporates several features which make it easy to find any specific record in a hurry.


The primary search / category system is the Keywords unit. However there are several other features to allow finding specific records:
Click any of the alphabet tabs on top of the main display to jump to the first currently displayed record starting with that letter. If using the keyboard, pressing any letter key will jump to the first record or keyword starting with the letter.
Click the Search (F6) button to search all the records *currently displayed for a particular word or number. The search looks at all ShareCon record fields except for the keywords. When the search is completed, the main display will consist of a list of all records where the word was found.
(*Note, when in Free Selection mode, the word search looks at the entire data file, not just the records displayed...)
There are six built-in Filters as well. Click the menu item Filter to show them. The default Show Both Public and Personal makes it so the main display of all records includes every record in your data file. Show Only Public and Show Only Personal make it so you will only see the group selected, in all other program operations. In other words, if you have Show Only Public checked, then there is no chance whatsoever that any of your personal records will be listed or exported. The ALL / PUBLIC / PERSONAL toggle switch both displays the current filter status, and changes it.
You may also specify that only records with email address and/or website URLs are shown. One final Filter is Show Records With No Keywords. This can be handy to find things you have apparently lost!