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Often you may want to see a list which contains records from several different keyword groups, and/or does not need to have all the records in a keyword group included. To facilitate this,  you may switch ShareCon's List Mode from the default Keyword / Search Result Only to Free Selection / Add Subtract. When in Free Selection mode, the main display background switches to light blue, and the NORM / FREE toggle switch displays FREE.


This requires a little explanation:
Normally, whenever you select a keyword or perform a word search operation,  ShareCon's main display is cleared, and only those records which fit the search are displayed. Under Free Selection mode the list is not cleared; the results of the second search are added to whatever was previously displayed.
When you are in Free Selection mode,  pressing the delete key removes a highlighted record from the list. (Indeed, pressing delete while in Normal Mode removes the record and switches you to Free Selection mode.)
An example: Suppose I have keyword groups "contractor" and "landlord", and wish to make a list containing only some of each. From the main screen, with all records displayed, I select the "contractor" keyword. Now I highlight the first of the contractors I  don't want included and press the delete key. The record goes away and the main display shifts to a light blue background. I continue deleting contractors, until only the ones I want are displayed. Now I click the "landlord" keyword; all landlords will be added to the "short list" of contractors, and I can then proceed to eliminate some of them as well. Now it strikes me that I also want one more person on the list; I can't remember which keyword group I have him under, but I do know his first name is "Bob". So with Free Selection mode still on, I do a word search for "Bob", and all "Bob"s get added to the list. Again, I delete the ones I don't want, and end up with a special list consisting of selected contractors & landlords, and that one guy named "Bob".
As with any group of displayed records, any list printing or data export operation will only contain the records you can see on the main display.
To get back to normal Keyword / Search Result Only mode,  click the NORM / FREE  toggle switch, or the Click for All Records (F5) button.