Web Page Styles

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On this form you can quickly experiment with and preview various graphic, font, and background configurations, and save different combinations as reusable styles! Create as many different styles as you want, and assign them to individual pages. When the program is first installed a number of sample styles are is created.

page style

To create a new style, click the New Style button, provide a name, click OK. Make whatever modifications you want, preview them, and save.
All the web page creation functions will copy the required graphic files into the output folder along with the .htm files they create. Links are written in such a way that graphics are taken from the same single folder containing the web pages. If you wish to place your collection on the internet, simply FTP the entire contents of the output folder to your server.
Also, you may notice that all of the output file names and copied graphic file names are lower case. This is to eliminate the incredibly frustrating hassle of file name case mix-ups on an UNIX server.
Whenever you create a web page, the style you select for it is remembered (tied to the keyword used to filter the records).