Adding New Records

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To add a new record, click the New button, or press F2 or INS. The record editing screen will come up, with all fields blank.


Most of the fields should be self-explanatory. The ones which might not be are as follows:
Records are classified with one of four "types" -  "Public, Individual",  "Public, Organization", "Private, Individual", and "Private, Organization". Select one of the four radio buttons to set this. The public / private distinction specifies whether the record is for general distribution, or just for your own use. Public and Private are displayed in different colors on screen. The individual / organization distinction controls how the record will be displayed on screen (by the person's name, or the organization name).
The Keyword fields enable you to further classify records into quick-display groups. Each record may have up to three keywords. When you are first starting out, type keywords into the boxes. You only need to type them once, though, because as you add more records the keywords will be available for selection in the drop-down list.
A real time-saver on the new record screen is the Scratch Pad (click on "Description" to toggle it on and off). The Scratch pad is a convenient spot to temporally paste a chunk of text from another program, and then cut and paste pieces of it into the ShareCon record fields. For example, suppose you get an email from someone, and wish to record a ShareCon record for them; use the mouse to copy the information from the email message, then paste it in the Scratch Pad. Now you can cut the name(s), organization name, email address, etc. from the pad to the correct fields, without having to switch back and forth from ShareCon to the email client. The contents of the Scratch Pad are erased when the new record screen is closed.
Almost-duplicate records
Suppose you have two or more contacts at the same organization, and need separate records for each. Enter in one of them and save it. Now highlight that record on the main display and click the Copy (F3) button. The new record screen will come up, with the first record already loaded. All you need to do is modify the few fields that are different (perhaps name, title, phone extension, etc.), and click Save when done. Saves a lot of typing!