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ShareCon is a sturdy, no-nonsense name and address program for people who need quick access to their contact information. The emphasis is on finding things quickly, and being able to USE the information right then!


To help find things, there is a keyword system, a word search function, and several Filters.
Once you have found what you are after, make contact! Click the Phone button to call the number, the Email button to compose an email, or the Web button to start your web browser.
When you get off the phone, record what you talked about with the notes function so you won't forget the conversation.
The "Share" in ShareCon comes from it's rich set of data import / export features, and it's ability to access data directories anywhere on your network. After all, it should only be necessary for one person in an organization to have to manually type a new name and address one time; from then on,  anyone else in the organization ought to be able to simply Share it!