Linked Reports

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The Linked Reports feature creates and publishes a whole series of different reports with just one mouse click.


Depending on the options you have selected on the Report Options tab in Configuration, these will include:
- A multiple project status report on all projects currently listed, with hypertext links to single project reports, time and money comparison reports, and to the same information for archive or current (they link to each other).
- Single project reports on all projects currently listed.
- 30 day or current month time and expense comparison reports for all projects currently listed.
Essentially this means that at any time you can publish a complete, detailed, up to date series of reports for everyone else in your organization to reference No longer do Project Managers have to spend half a day each week preparing status reports; if they keep information on individual projects up to date during the week, then come report time, everything is already done, and all the have to do is run Linked Reports.
Remember that individual projects can be set NOT to be included in this automatic process, so you don't have to worry about confidential information being distributed.