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QuickRef has three different word search capabilities, which make it possible to zero in on anything that you have ever entered into the system.



The Notes button looks at the currently displayed note file (just like word searching in a word processor or web browser).
The Line Items button looks at the note field of the currently displayed line items, and highlights all the ones that contain the search word.
The Global button looks at the headers, note files, time record notes, and expense record notes (in that order) of all currently listed projects, and highlights the project numbers on the project list if the word is found. It will report what it found, and you can browse down through the project list and check it out further. You can switch back and forth from time to expense mode, select different projects off the project list, and perform the other two search methods without "spoiling" the highlighted results. Refreshing the list, or switching from current to archive removes the highlighting.