Project & Line Item Display Filters

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Normally, all projects are displayed on the project list, and all line items are displayed in the line item list.
If you wish to see only certain projects or line items for a certain person, you can specify a filter.


The project filter selection controls are located just above the project list (right under the bullet point editor). The four selection buttons behave as follows (left to right):
[-] clears all project filtering and returns you to normal display.
[N] allows you to set a custom filter based on the placement of characters in project numbers. For example, suppose your project numbering system uses a letter in the third position to differentiate between types of work, and you want to see only the "K" projects. When you click the button you are prompted to "Type filter here..."; type in **K and press ENTER. The stars ** act as place markers or "wildcards" - they are ignored. So this example will select all projects where the first two characters are anything, and the third is a "K".
[C] allows you to select a specific client. Click the button, and select the one you want from the drop-down list. Remember that you must set up Client Cards first.
[S] allows you to select according to the project  status codes that you are using. Again, click the button and select a code from the list.
The "people" filter controls are located just above the line item list (just below the detailed notes). They behave as follows:
[-] clears all people filtering and returns to normal display.
[!] refreshes the line item display after you select a person's initials from the drop-down list.
The drop-down list contains the initials of everyone who has line items currently displayed in the line item list.
Finally, to the right of the drop-down is an indicator showing who's records you are looking at.
Filters remain in place through all other operations until you explicitly clear them with the [-] button(s) or re-start the program. Filtering also applies to templates.
Also, any multiple-project report made while a filter is in place will show the filter at the top.