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QuickRef Templates are very similar to normal projects, except that their records can be pasted into other projects as needed.
For example, suppose you keep a running "general activity" project each year for your business, and there are several things that you need to remember to do each month. Create a template containing all of these recurring to-do items, and paste it into the general activity project each month.
Another example - Create templates containing to-do items for starting a new project and finishing out a project. Put in items for all of those little tasks that need to be done, and you won't ever forget them again.
Templates can be created from scratch, or existing projects can be copied over to become the basis of a new template.
To do it from scratch, select Projects, Edit Templates. In template mode you can create new projects, rename them, delete them, and add time and money records just like normal. The only thing you can't do is move them from current to archive (all templates are treated as current). Note that the project list shifts to a yellow background during template editing.
To copy an existing project over as a template, select Projects, Copy Current Project to Templates. The new template will be given an odd-looking temporary name based on the current time - once you have copied it over, go into template edit mode and re-name it to something that makes sense.
To use templates - With a "normal" project displayed, select Records, Paste a Template to Current Project (or click the Paste Template button). This will shift the project list to yellow and display the template names you have created. To pick one, double-click on it. You will be shown the number of records it contains, and the notes from the first five of them. You have the option of accepting, selecting another instead, or canceling the operation.
All template records pasted in will be given the current date.
Note that although templates can contain time, expense, and travel, only the ones that fit in the current mode (time/expense/travel) will be pasted in.