Invoice Manager

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QuickRef includes a simple Invoice Manager utility, to keep track of your outstanding invoices, and create simple client statements.
Whenever you create an invoice (either automatic or manual), QuickRef will prompt you to save it. If you say "yes", you will be shown this form:


Click the Save button to record the invoice number, date, amount and client in your invoice data file, and also to copy the invoice form for future reference.
If you wish to review invoices, print statements, etc., select the menu item File, Invoices. This will display the invoice form at any time (instead of just after creating an invoice). Note that if you are filtered on a particular client, only invoices for them will be displayed.
If you need to re-print an old invoice, double-click it on the list and it will be displayed.
When you receive payment, select "Paid in Full" from the drop-down Status list, and then click the Save button. If you wish to remove one from the system, select "Void" instead.