Client Cards

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The Client Card system is used to record specific information about each of your clients. Select File, Client Cards to get started.
To enter in a new one, fill in at least the "Company Name" and the "3 Character Code" fields. The other fields on the Contact Information tab are self-explanatory.
On the Terms and Conditions tab:
Rate (Discount) Factor - This is a number used to adjust your normal time billing rates to a discount you may have negotiated with this client. For example, suppose your normal rate for division 1 work is $200 per hour, but you have worked out a deal with this particular client to charge them only $100 per hour for this type of work. Enter in ".5" in the discount field, and from then on all proposals and invoices for this client (only) will reflect this discounted rate (and say so too!). If the discount factor is greater that 1, the rates will be increased, but there will be no mention of it on reports.
Payment Terms - This 1000 character (max) field is to outline the specific payment terms you have negotiated with this client. These will show up on proposals and invoices, tight underneath the "bullets" section. For example, "Net 10 - Please send payment to: WaverlyStreet, P.O. Box 14249, Columbus, Ohio 43214"
Conditions - This 1000 character (max) field is to set precise conditions to the agreement between you and your client. This will show up directly under the signature line on proposals. For example: "Any construction documents based upon our design must be prepared under the direct supervision of a licensed architect or engineer, in full accordance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws."
On the General Information tab:
Simply a 3000 character space to store any notes you want to remember for the client. These are never printed on any report.