Editing Projects

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As work progresses you will want to modify your project's "Header" information.
Select a project on the project list, and then double-click anywhere in the header display area (or click the Edit Project button). This will re-display the Project Information form.
Any of the fields may be modified; see the New Project section for details on what they all do.
If you are completely finished with a project, you may want to move it to the archives - Select File, Retire Project to Archive (or click the Archive button). When this is done, all records and notes for the project are retained, but they are not displayed during normal operation.
To view archived projects, select Projects, Go to Archive (or click the Current/Archive button).
Projects in the archive area can still be edited just like Current ones, and can even be moved back to Current if necessary.
If you make changes and then realize you don't want to retain them, select File, Exit Without Saving (or click the Exit Without Saving button).
You may also delete a project altogether, however we don't recommend doing this, because you never know when you might need information even on "false starts" or dead projects. Just set the status to "Dead" and leave it in the Archives! But if you are sure, you may select File, Delete to COMPLETELY remove the project and all it's records. This can't be un-done, so please make sure you know what you are doing.