Notes and Bullet Points

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QuickRef contains two separate plain-text note fields.
The smaller one (on the left, directly under the header information) are called the Bullets. These are displayed in the upper portion of all reports, directly under the scope of work, and also on multiple-project lists. Use these to convey concise, timely notes that you want everyone to see.
The larger note field (upper right) is for more detailed information. Keep any and all relevant information about the project in here, keeping in mind that QuickRef can search for words in these notes very quickly. If you load these notes with names, places and things you will be able to find instances of them years later, with very little effort. Reports can be set to either include or not include these notes.
Both note fields can be spell-checked and have automatic date insertion buttons. Both of them support right-click cutting and pasting with the mouse, and both are automatically saved whenever you move from one project to another or quit the program.
Note that only the "owner" of a project is allowed to modify the text record of the work. Others can add line items for time, expense, and travel, but only the "owner" can edit the bullet points or detailed notes. (If the project's "owner" field is cleared, anyone can edit the notes, but this is not recommended, because it's possible for one user to over-write another's changes, if they are both editing at the same time. Please send comments on another person's project via e-mail instead (right-click in the project header)).