Entering and Editing Line Items

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QuickRef keeps three separate sets, or classes of line item records - one for time, one for expense, and one for mileage. To select a set click on its button near the top of the screen.



To enter a new record, select Records, New Record (or click the New Record button). You can also double-click on any existing record to use it as the basis for a new record. However you do it, the record edit form will be displayed on top of the large note field.


The uppermost field is for a short note (max 60)  to describe the item. As you add records these notes will be collected for re-use - click the drop down arrow on the right end of the note field to display them.
The calendar is used to set the date of the record (just click on the right day).
If you have QuickRef set up to use sub-divisions a smaller drop-down field will show for this under the note selector. Just drop it down and select the correct pre-defined division.
If you have this specific project set up to track time or money, there will also be a field for that. Just type in numbers.
The Project >> box simply contains the project number. This is useful for moving a record from one project to another; select another project in the drop-down and save changes. For example, moving unresolved to-do items from an old project to new version of the same project.
The Who? >> box contains the initials of the person the record is for. By default, this is your own initials - if you are entering items for someone else, you can select their initials from the drop-down (provided there are already other records with their initials in the system).
Finally, there is a set of six buttons (depending on whether you are entering a completely new record or working with an existing one, some of them may be greyed out).
The upper four are the Save buttons, arrayed in a grid. The upper row of two are for saving actual records, the lower (middle) row for saving to-do items or estimate records. The left hand column are for creating new records, the right column for saving changes to existing ones.
Clockwise from the top left:
_bm7 Yellow star with check mark = new, make actual
_bm8 Blue arrow with check mark = change, make actual
_bm9 Blue arrow with push-pin = change, make to-do
_bm10 Yellow star with push-pin = new, make to-do
The two bottom buttons are for _bm11 deleting and _bm12 exiting without saving changes.
To-do / estimate items are displayed on screen in blue and red. Actual items are displayed in black (if dated today) or grey (any other date).